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Why won't my layers effects that I downloaded work?

I downloaded the layer effects to start off with my whole "script" experience, & they did download under my script fu menu. But I can't highlight them so I can use them. They drop down when I click on the Script Fu but they are a light grey and wont let me select one to try and use it. Did I do something wrong, or download the wrong type maybe? I've looked everywhere to see if I can figure out what I've done wrong. :( <--- Newbie here. Thanks for any answers! :D

its been some time ago....

did you ever get this sorted?

So you are

So you are opening Gimp, going to File>New and adding a layer.Then going to Script-Fu>LayerFX> and all the options are grayed out?
Try drawing a rectangular selection on an transparent layer and color it in.Then try and run them.


I tried that :(

Thanks for answering but I did try that, and tried opening up a pic.... still won't let me do anything. I may try to take it off and re-download it... Unless anyone has any idea what I've done. Thanks again!

You need to

You need to open an image first File>New>

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