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Export Layers Plus

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Yes, it's yet another export layers script! This one is mainly targeted for video editing applications. I wrote it because all the other scripts weren't good enough for my purposes. Script is located in File/Export Layers...


  • Can name output files based on frame counter (i.e. "frame_000.png", "frame_001.png" and so on)
  • Can export only visible or only linked layers
  • Correctly exports layers with layer masks
  • Can export top to bottom or bottom to top
  • Can resample to different frame rate (and understands frame delay modifiers i.e. "(NNms)")
  • Can also interpolate frames when resampling

This script was used to produce the award winning short film "Stretch Those Glutes (ANNIVERSARY EDITION!)"

Options description

  • Output directory - select a directory where to export the files
  • Filename format - describes how each layer will be named when it's exported. You can use several formatting directives: "%n" inserts image name (usually the filename), "%l" inserts layer name (don't use this with resampling enabled), "%i" inserts the current counter value. You can pad it with zeros so that all numbers have identical width. For example "%3i" will produce "000", "001", "002" and so on. The default filename format uses "%6i" which produces image sequences to be imported in Sony Vegas NLE. Make sure your filename has an extension.
  • Walk direction - the direction in which the layers are processed. This mostly affects the counter.
  • Count offset - what number do we start counting from
  • Filter - allows to export only visible or only linked layers
  • Resample mode - when Off, it just exports the layers. However when "No interpolation" or "Use interpolation" is selected, it resamples layers to a fixed framerate. By default a layer is assumed to last 100ms, which can be changed by assigning a delay to a layer via adding "(XXXms)" to its name. When exported with resampling, each file represents a fixed amount of time, which is set by Frame rate option. For each of these periods of time, a layer is chosen to represent it. When "Use interpolation" is selected, it might sometimes select two layers and average them to produce a transition.
  • Interpolation threshold - when Resample mode is "Use interpolation", this option prevents interpolating when only a small part of layer fits into a frame. For example:

    If y is less than interpolation threshold, layer 1 will be used for frame 2 without interpolation. Otherwise, frame 2 will be an interpolation of layer 1 and layer 2.
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