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Gradient layer effects does not apply.

I have installed GIMP 2.8.2 GTK and the in the correct folder. How ever... Gradient layer effects does only apply once after has been downloaded to the plug-in folder. After that it "does the work" but it does not apply. No error messages or anything. It runs the process but there is nothing in the alphalayer created.
If I delete the file and start GIMP and then close it and install the file again it works once. I think I could be the error in this...

If any one could hint me in right direction I would be happy. I DuckDuckGo and Google for a answer but was not lucky.



I have installed 2.8.2 on another newer machine and no difference.

I tried the whole procedure several times and changed folders, files etc etc and there is one error in the guide.

For both "" file it DOES matter what folder the plug-in file is saved in. The Document and settings path does not work at all (does not load the plug-in file). It has to be installed in the Program path.

I have tried all 3 files, downloaded and saved as required in the "how to" easy to follow 4-5 steps description. I’ve done all versions possible of folders, files and what not but the outcome is... either GIMP does not find the plug-in or GIMP run the script or plug-in but the alpha layer comes out empty. No layer effect created.

No one with similar problem on XP SP3-machine? (I have tried on a AMD/ATI and Intel/Nvidia combos)

I do sincerely hope it is a simple user error even if it means that I'm not as bright as mom always say I am.


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