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Gimp doesn't start up, it becomes un responsive when loading fonts

i have windows7 and when i am trying to load fonts gimp becomes unresponsive. i have only a few fonts, and have read various other forums where people have said to be patient, it should take less than 2mins but i have been very patient and waited upto 15mins, yet it didn't help. i have uninstalled it and reinstalled it many many times, before i read that it's going to be useless -_- i have gimp 2.8 and i have a lot more space on my computer than required for gimp. The only other solution i haven't tried is trying to open gimp with a command that tells it not to load fonts? anyways this is because i'm only 14, i don't know much about computers and stuff, i just need gimp urgently, can't pay for photoshop and gimp is the next best thing!

There might be one specific font causing the problem

I tried many suggested solutions (reducing number of fonts, deleting font cache, deleting fonts directories, reinstalling all fonts, changing font directories). Nothing worked.

This is how I finally fixed this: When I was copying C:\Windows\Fonts to another location, the copy process could not have been completed for one specific font (Mingu). I found out, this font is constantly used by Acrobat, therefore cannot be copied nor deleted. I killed the Acrobat process, deleted the given font and finally loaded GIMP with the fonts (after weeks).

Therefore, I would definitely try to verify whether any of your fonts is not corrupted . If you reinstalled GIMP, it might be rather Windows problem than GIMP problem.

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