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Where is GIMP?

My computer recently crashed, needed to be wiped clean, etc etc. GIMP is now reinstalled but I can NOT find it anywhere, even when I revealed hidden files. Without knowing where it is, or seeing it, I can't install plug ins, because there are no folders to plug in to.
I'm on Mountain Lion and GIMP is working, so it's there. Just can't find it!
I've run finder and typed in "find folder"
I've "repaired permissions"
I've revealed hidden folders with a .
GIMP shows me the file path when I go to preferences < folders but when I follow that file path through


Apple has hidden user Library since Lion.
You can get to your Library from the Go menu, hold option key down and it will show up.
On OSX You have to fix the plugins and some scripts permissions to execute or they won´t work. You can do it from terminal, or by using BatCHmod.

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