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Exporting to Raw File

Hi guys,

I've tried several things before asking this question including checking the documentation, searching this forum, looking through plugins and doing Google searches.

Anyways, what we're trying to figure out is first and foremost, is it possible to export an image to a 16-bit raw format? We would like the pixel data to be represented 5-6-5 RGB (5 bits red, 6 bits green, and 5 bits blue totaling 16 bits). For now, let's just assume the image can be in any format (JPEG, TIFF, etc)

Second, how is the data exported when using File>Export> and selecting raw image file?

Thanks for your help


Can easily be done.

Export image as BMP.
Simplest way to do this is by just adding the .bmp extension to your file name.
Under advanced options select 16 Bits R5 G6 B5.

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