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Export the procedural database as formatted HTML.

Please see the readme included in the attached file for installation instructions.

The script takes 3 configuration options:

scale -- by varying this number, you can modify the sprawl of the index. The bigger this number is, fewer top level namespaces will exist, all procedures will be mapped in the index. Therefore, the limiting factor is the minimum number of top level namespaces (ex. [extension, file, gimp, plug, python, script, temp, twain])
single-file -- when toggled, the procedural database will be dumped to a single "index.html" file
directory -- once running, the script will prompt for a directory to write to

Headings are determined dynamically at run-time by breaking the procedural database into namespaces and taking those namespaces which have a minimum number of elements. They are mapped alphabetically, depth-first, to ensure proper output from the script.

Readme is written in orgmode markup < >
, which requires emacs < > and latex < > to convert. For an online utility see my web application
< >.


Source code can be found at and downloaded at


For more information, questions, concerns, or to report issues, see my project manager at

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