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Enhanced Python Console Help

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Rather than using the regular procedure browser to look up the documentation for a procedure, you can use this help() replacement. Here is a sample of the output for the plug-in-tile procedure:

plug_in_tile(image, drawable, new_width,
new_height, new_image, run_mode=RUN_INTERACTIVE)

Create an array of copies of the image

This function creates a new image with a single layer sized to
the specified 'new_width' and 'new_height' parameters. The
specified drawable is tiled into this layer. The new layer will
have the same type as the specified drawable and the new image
will have a corresponding base type.

image : Image
Input image (unused)
drawable : Drawable
Input drawable
new_width : int
New (tiled) image width
new_height : int
New (tiled) image height
new_image : int
Create a new image?
run_mode : int, optional
the run mode

new_image : Image
Output image (-1 if new-image == FALSE)
new_layer : Layer
Output layer (-1 if new-image == FALSE)

This should be able to be installed as you would any other plugin, but to use it you must make sure to import it when you are using the Python Console:
from gimphelp import help

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