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How to put paths to exiftool and gedit

Can someone explain me what i have to do to point the plugin to the path of exiftool and gedit, now i have to fill it in manually everytime. I am using Ubuntu 10.04.

Now it works

The path to exiftool is now displayed. Now gedit didnt came up. But after changing also line 522 to PF-STRING both propgram paths are visible now. YUou are my man. Thank you so much!!

Re.: exiftool

Good idea to show the edited lines and I detect no mistake.

One difference between 'exiftool' and 'gedit' are the file type;
'exiftool' is a Perl script and 'gedit' is compiled.
GIMP 2.8.2 'PF_FILE...' on Debian 7.0 (my platform) identify the file type by an icone before the short name;
this cause a longer delay for the script than the compilation before acceptance but its accepted.
Now I suspect a bug in that mechanism, in your case, if you waited more than a few seconds for it to be accepted.

A possibility is a detour around that by changing start of line 519
(PF_FILE, "exiftool"...
(PF_STRING, "exiftool"...


Yes I have exiftool installed.

The edited lines are:
+"_____\n->Location of exiftool:", r"/usr/bin/exiftool"),
(PF_FILE, "text_editor", "->Text editor to use for '__ OTHER OPTION __':",\

As you can see is gedit in the same directory and it shows up in the plugin dialog but exiftool not. If I choose the path manually its accepted.

Re.: problem with exiftool path

Hi liberace,

To offer instructions that make sense I have to verify some assumptions.
1- Exiftool is installed on your Ubuntu?
2- The "/usr/bin/exiftool" path is the correct one for your system (don't know Ubuntu)?

If yes to both questions then probably a mistake in replacing "/bin/exiftool" since the plug-in is or was working.
Thanks for the feedback.

path to exiftool not accepted

I followed the instructions, the path to exiftool /usr/bin/exiftool is not accepted, but the path to gedit /usr/bin/gedit appears in the dialog. Strange

Re.: How to put paths

Hi liberace,

In effect if you uses this plug-in often, it becomes tedious to reenter parameters
that will not change further; if I understand you correctly.
Another reason to muck with the 'register' function to solve this common problem.

1- Open '', the copy used by GIMP, with your text editor (gedit is OK with
display of line number).
2- For 'exiftool' at line 520 replace "/bin/exiftool" (Fedora) by the filename for your distribution
such as "/usr/bin/exiftool" in Debian XFCE.
3- Do something similar for the 'text_editor' at line 523 replace "geany" by the filename
of your choice of editor such as "/usr/bin/gedit".
4- Save the plug-in back. Restart Gimp. Now you have changed the default values of
of first two parameters sucessfuly if after starting '' you see 'exiftool'
and 'gedit' as values in the dialog.

Not sure that I should be the one answering your question since not at ease with English,
but was familiar with the plug-in.

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