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modify colors with Gimp (copy and paste a color)

is it possible to copy and paste a color with Gimp? For example, can I somehow copy the hair color of one of the girls of the photo I uploaded and paste it to the hair color of the other girl? I've read and seen tons of tutorials, but I still don't understand how to do it.
Thank you very much!

Ciao a tutti,
sapreste dirmi se e' possibile effettuare un' operazione di "copia e incolla colore" con Gimp? Faccio un esempio: ammettiamo che io abbia in una foto una ragazza bionda ed una mora e voglia far diventare i capelli scuri dello stesso identico colore di quelli chiari. E' possibile selezionare il colore biondo, copiarlo e incollarlo a quello scuro? Per inciso, le due ragazze si trovano davanti ad uno sfondo di colore uniforme (rosso), per cui e' abbastanza facile selezionare il colore dei capelli.
Grazie a tutti!
P. S. Ho guardato tanti tutorial, ma non ho capito se (e come) sia possibile

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Because there not a "blonde" color... it's a mix of very many colors with all the shadows, reflections, etc...

There are tools to change a range of colors into another (Color/Map/Rotate color). You can also remove tghe color from the hair and recolorize it with another color. Both techniques assume that you "select" the hair so that the color change only applies there. But obtaining a proper selection on hair is rather rdifficult.

Thanks a lot for your reply. Let's say that, instead of hair, I have solid colors, like in the image I'm attaching: is it possible, for example, to copy the blue and pasting it to the red or the yellow (turning the red or the yellow into the blue of the photo?)?
Thank you very much!

(btw... the registry is really hard to use... there are plenty of good Gimp forums around: GimpForums, GimpTalk, GimpChat, where discussions is a lot easier for everybody)

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