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Line adjusting and smoothness

I need some help. I use gimp to draw, and i need help with the brush tool and the ink tool.
I know programs like photoshop have a setting that can make your line smoother. for example if you draw a curved line with a brush tool but your hand is shaky it will be smoothness out and adjusted. but i really really dont want to switch to photoshop. i love gimp and i really like it over photoshop. i think gimp is better so i was wondering. can gimp do this? is there some plugin or script that can smoothen out your lines while you draw them? i need this for when im inking a drawing.

im very young and dont know much about scripts or plugins. i know how to add them to photoshop but thats it. my knowledge in this topic is null so i need help.
i searched around on other forums and i googled it a bunch of times but couldn't find a answer. i dont know anyone in real life who could answer me so i need your guys help.

thanks :)


In Gimp 2.8, all the paint tools (except Bucket and Blend) have a "Smooth stroke" option in the Tool options dialog for that very purpose.

i have 2.6.... and i have a problem with my system of being out of date so i cant update my gimp. is there something for 2.6?
thanks though

.... unless you use paths, but that's a very different technique. Can't update Gimp? Running XP SP2 or something older? Or an rather old Linux?

Oh thats sad. im going to switch to mint becouse the current ubuntu linux im using is out of day. i dont know a lot of this type of stuff but i know the software center isn't updating. all the things like flash are not updating. my dad is the one who knows more about this stuff. he's going to switch me to mint soon though so ill be able to change GIMP. thanks :)

Normal with Ubuntu and its derivatives like Mint. The distro is stable because it doesn't continuously upgrade.

I'm on Ubuntu 10.04, so still with Gimp 2.6 (and the last 2.7 version that could run on it).

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