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Batch watermark and/or layer adding?


Although I've been GIMP for a while now, I've only now started learning how to use it properly.

My issue is that I want to add a colored watermark on a directory of images. I've stumbled upon BIMP and also on the many Batch watermark plugins found here, but I've had several issues.:

1) BIMP won't let me select a directory or read JPG files (the default camera extension)
2) The batch watermark plugin (Batch Tools Watermark) won't let me define a color on the watermark (even after attempting modifying the script). In addition, I also can't replace the Batch Tools Watermark file. As in, I've found several here but GIMP only allows me to use this one (Batch Tools Watermark), even if I replace the file for another within the same plugin folder. Am I doing something wrong?

Is there a way of saving a layer and applying it to multiple images? Or could I change the watermark color by changing/adding something to the watermark scripts found here?

Thanks for your help!!!

Added Info

Sorry for the late reply, it's been hectic these past weeks.

@ alessandrofrancesconi: Not sure how I can explain better. Essentially when I open the BIMP option under File>Batch Image Manipulation and try to select a directory with .jpg images it won't let me. As in I can't select the directory (folder) or the individual files in it.

@ Ofnuts: Thanks for the links! I'll give them a try and see what happens. I've already made a layer with my watermark, but the thing is I have around 300 images I want to add the watermark to, hence why I'm trying to avoid doing it one-by-one; might die haha.

@ saulgoode: I'm using Mac OSX 10.8. Not sure how that changes things.... =/

Thanks for the reads and answers!!

Can't understand

I can't understand the first problem with BIMP, "BIMP won't let me select a directory or read JPG files (the default camera extension)".

Could you explain better?

No need for Gimp

If you can use the command line, you can create your watermark in a separate image, and use ImageMagick's "compose" command to blend it in your pictures. See (they have a very helpful forum out there). ImageMagick can do other batch operations on your pictures such as crop/resize.

See and for the forum.

More info needed

Which operating system are you running?

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