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Need text advice

Hi all,

I has installed the plugin called 3d Text, text to path, chisel and is having some slight trouble in getting what I want.

I am trying to create a golden colour horse shoe shape text in a slight chisel to 3D type effects, my problem is this.

When I use Path to create a path and then use text and then chisel and then click on text to path it comes out all wrong, it comes out as hollow and wrong way wrong, instead of being anti-clockwise it like going clockwise. So tried Logos using circle text and again clockwise when I want it anti-clockwise.

Also if I use logo methods the background is white, how do I convert it to transparent so I can add the text as layer ontop of the image I wish to add it to eventually?

Any help or scripts or plugin to help me here would be greatly helpful thanks in advance PJ.


... on which you have llittle control by default. I have a script to reverse the direction of selected strokes:

SO once I've installed ur script I create a path as normal? and then do the text and follow it to the path?

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