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No GREYCstoration for native Mac GIMP yet?

Hi- I've been floundering on this for months, overwhelmed by the level of IT experience it takes just to scratch your nose in this forum (or anywhere else GIMP related), but my photo and image restoration hobby has come to a terrible screeching halt ever since I had to install GIMP native after reluctantly being forced to "upgrade" to Mountain Lion, and I really miss it- it's been half a year now. what's been stopping me? No GREYCstoration. I don't even know if I can install that on my own or not- I've never been able to figure out how to do the manual install of any of the plugins.

Is there anyone that could explain how to install plugins in non-IT jargon? I can't even tell if GREYCstoration is already available for this thing, just not offered in the main installer package... and tried to figure out how to install G'MIC after seeing GREYCstoration is obsolete, but just could not figure it out. Preferably, I'd really just love to have my GREYCstoration back- it worked.

GreyStoration is obsolete, the successor is GMIC

See There is an OSX version.

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