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Replace constant-width stroke with tapered one?

Hi, Rob,

I've finally caught up to reading everything that was posted on the web in 2008, and so I'm here to ask a question about the Tapered Stroke.

Can you think of an (semi-)automated process to replace a collection of "sun rays" (e.g., radiating from a central location) which are all constant width with tapered versions generated by your Stroke Taper script?

I have experimented with selecting a single ray, then doing selection-to-path, unclosing the path (with one of Ofnuts' path tools), editing the now unclosed path with PathTool to break it into two pieces (oh, I guess I could've skipped the unclose step and done this with just PT), and finally stroke tapering the broken path (which appears to stroke only the first half it encounters).

For that matter, I'd like to be able to select one of the halves of the broken path and delete it. (I was able to use the PathTool to move it out of the way, but wasn't eager to click on thousands of nodes to delete them.)

gramp (of gimpchat fame)

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