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Color Decompose (For B&W Conversions)

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As part of writing the next part of my tutorials on B&W conversion, I needed to quickly decompose an RGB image into different grayscale channels based on useful channels from all the color modes (RGB, CMY(K), LAB, HSV, HSL, YCbCr).

It was tedious doing it by hand, so I wrote up this small script to automatically decompose an RGB image layer (active) into each of the color decomposition modes, and to keep the most useful to me for B&W conversions.

In an image, with an RGB layer selected, the script will decompose it to layers:

  • RGB
  • CMY - CMY is the same as inverted RGB, so removed.
  • (CMY)K
  • (HS)V
  • (HS)L
  • L(AB)
  • Y(CbCr)

Once installed, it can be found at: Colors --> Color Decompose...

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