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Where to put my own Python Scripts - Mac

I have a python script that I'm writing to add a title to a template file, and autosize to several resolutions (for purposes of generating multiple size custom splashscreens, or icons for mobile dev projects)

My question is this- Since this is GIMP 2.8 on a Mac (New to Mac, not to Unix) I honestly don't know where to put the script to register it in GIMP. (Or what to do with it once it's there) The way applications are installed on Macs is foreign to me. It seems everything is self contained within the application

This makes things difficult because GIMP's component files aren't in the expected /.gimp-2.8/plugins location.

Any insights? Many thanks in advance.

Apple Silliness has not thwarted me.

Hopefully this can help someone-

After playing around with it for a while, The reason why I couldn't find the proper directory is that Apple decided to hide the /Library folder in each user to keep people from deleting important application files. However, if you hold option while in the Go tab of Finder, your Library folder will pop up.

From there navigate to Gimp...2.8 (or whatever version you have)...scripts.

Place your files in there, and restart gimp.

***It is important that your file be executable-

in terminal, navigate to the proper file, and run chmod u+x (yourscriptnamehere).py


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