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installing descreening plugin

I have a mac running lion 10.7.5

I have just downloaded GIMP 2.8.2

I would like to add the descreening filter.

I found the scripts folder, and put the filter there, and now it appears in the list of filters.

I found a plugin folder in the ui folder, and put the fourier plug in there.

When I try to use the descreening filter, it tells me I need the fft plug in. (fft - fast fourier transform)

Can anyone help?



I found another folder that says it is for plugins that has similar stuff in it, after control clicking the, at:


and put the "fourier" file with its little grey icon in there with all the other little grey icons.

Still no joy.


Obviously I am wasting my time, it is now December, and there have been no replies. I'll go back to using photoshop.

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