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help for understanding ink model in gimp

It's Moises, an active gimp user for long time ago. I'm a student and I'm working on ink model.
Since ink gimp model is under GPL licence, I would like to take advantage and integrate it in my academic research.
I wonder if you could help me to understand the ink model tool code. I downloaded the ink application code written in c, but I needed some guide (or something like that for novel programmers) in order to understand the tool and do some contribution for your model.
Sorry, but I am not a computer engineering and I find hard this task..
Best wishes!
- Moises


Dear colleagues,
The idea is: I have two points on a image in matlab. From some specific variables such as scale, fuzzy brush, speed and the rest of variables from ink toolbox, I'd like to do a similar ink trace between these two points.
Could someone help me to how I should start it?
I'd greatly appreciate your help
Best regards
- Moises

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