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Need help removing hot spot

I captured images of slides and am now in the process of editting them to correct problems. One problem that seem to effect almost all of my 900 images is a bright spot in the image caused by the projector light shining more brightly in one spot. Is there a plugin or filter that will work to fix my problem. I am trying to attach a few sample pictures. The lighter the content of the picture the brighter the light.


To be honest there is little you can do... in the picture with the two kids one of the kids is irrecoverable. Others picture have deep color balance problems (besides the "spot").

You can find a new flatbed scanner with a back for transparencies (Epson Perfection V330 for instance) for well under $100 (even less if second-hand). Even a $40 (new!) slide scanner (which is actually a low-res camera in a plastic box) will give much better results than what you are showing.

If you want to pursue the camera route, then training yourself again on a small batch until you get decent results that don't require (too much) corrections. and take the photos again but using daylight on a slightly cloudy day. Then when you can make decent shots you can start cranking out the bulk of your pictures, but don't go too fast and have at least a quick check at the pictures using a big screen so you can tell if the picture has any problems (focus, for instance) and should be redone right away. It's also best to (gently) clean the slides before taking the photo. This recovers the picture under the dust speck, while with photo editing software you will only emulate it.

Yes, thisi will take time, but much less than what you are going to spend fixing these pictures in Gimp and the result will be far better.

These slides are about 50 years old so it's not possible to take them again. Scanning them again may be an option. This project is being done to capture the images before further erosion of the quality. I wanted to distribute copies of a slide show to siblings for their input. Many of the pictures will no longer have meaning to the living. If there is a great cry to preserve some of the images recapturing may be an option worth the effort. Thanks for your advice. I was hoping that by filtering out the brightest spot a better picture could be obtained.

I'm only talking about digitizing them again of course... I also have my several big boxes of family pictures do digitize (some going back to early 1900s) but I also have a good flatbed scanner (does both the prints and the slides).

It remains that correcting aging effects on these picture is enough work already so adding digitization defects is best avoided.

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