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batch resizing with fixed w:h ratio?

the normal resize function in gimp always keeps the width:height ration while resizing(unless you specify it).but i could not find any plugins with this feature.are there any plugins or scripts that can do this?please answer.

PS:an example-let's say the image is 700x200 pixels,so the ratio is if i change it from 700 to 70,in normal gimp resize,the other dimension changes to 20,but for the plugins,it remains at there any plugin or script that can do this kind of resize?

it works!!

thank you for your answer!it really works!thank you!!!!

Have you tried BIMP?

It has an option to do exactly what you need! In Resize dialogue window >> Set_exact_size_in_pixel >> Set_height_only (730 or whatever you need). Width setting will become greyed out, because plugin will resize all your images with varying sizes preserving aspect ratio. Or set fixed Width for all images. I've just tested BIMP on 50 arbitrary images with different dimensions and it did a great job at keeping aspect ratio. All images came out of exact H but different W's (or desired W and different H). Not only that - it keeps your current image formats (jpg, bmp, png etc) resizing at best compression, optimization etc. rates to preserve the images quality. Just try it already :)

thank you!

thank you for your answer.the images i have to batch edit are of varying sizes,however,they are required to be 730 pixels,the percentages method wont work.the absolute size method does not work too,because it stretches the image.i read a bit about liquid rescaling,which is also not fit for it.i am searching for a plugin(or script
0 that can resize the way gimp of the ways could be- new height = 730*(old height/old width) ,and then absolute rescale.but,i don't know programming and thus i am clueless.

batch resizing with fixed w:h ratio?

There are a few batch processing plugins for GIMP that offer both absolute and relative resizing (relative being set in percentage to the original width and height). BIMP is one of them (binaries for Windows only, but source code is also available for compiling in Linux). Set W and H to, say, 60% and it will resize all your images and preserve aspect ratio no matter what sizes they are. In your example 700x200 image, set percentage to 10% and the resulting image is 70x20.

Few other GIMP plugins that can do the same - David's batch processor, Script-Fu Batch-Resize-and-Save-Image. The latter requires Liquid Rescale plugin and can do liquid rescale batch resizing, but before using it first you have to grasp the idea of how liquid rescale works to take full advantage of its capabilities. My recommendation - use BIMP, because it has some other useful features and the plugin developer is keeping up a good work regularly updating it and adding new functions.
P.S. If none of these satisfied you, install standalone application Phatch (available for Linux, Win & MacOS).

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