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gimp-file-load-layer Can't get it to work.


I am trying to do the simplest of operations, and I'm still stumped after six hours of tutorials. I can't get a simple script.scm to load a file, put it in a layer, add the layer to the active image and call it a day. My ultimate objective is to paste the same .png on top of every picture (about 70 of them) in batch mode. In order to feed the "load this particular file as a layer" command to Batch Image Manipulation plug-in, it has to be a script.

Despite a great deal of time on the internet looking for the proper syntax of gimp-file-load-layer, I could not find a single explanation to the "filename" parameter. Is it an absolute path? If relative, of what and where? If absolute, what's the proper syntax: do I put quotes, slash or backslash, one or two slash after C:? When I try to run my script, I get the error "Execution error for 'Test': Error: ( : 1) Invalid type for argument 2 to gimp-image-insert-layer, which I take to mean what I'm trying to feed it isn't a layer, which means the gimp-load-layer operation failed.

My stupidly simple and obstinately not working "script-fu-test.scm" is as follows:

(define (script-fu-test image drawable)

(position -1)
(back-layer nil)
(set! back-layer(gimp-file-load-layer RUN-NONINTERACTIVE image "C:/Test/test.png"))
(gimp-image-insert-layer image back-layer 0 position)

(script-fu-register "script-fu-test"
"Art Wade"
"Art Wade"
"January 2008"
SF-IMAGE "Image" 0
SF-DRAWABLE "Drawable" 0

I've been banging my head against the wall a while now and I'm pretty frustrated. Any help would be deeply appreciated and met with an effusion of gratitude.

"Sleep on it", they say. Woke up this morning with a start my mind screaming (CAR())!!!!! Turns out I just have to correct this line

(set! back-layer(car (gimp-file-load-layer RUN-NONINTERACTIVE image "C:/Test/test.png")))

and it works now. Ah, the frustrations of learning a new scripting language. Have a nice day!

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