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how to install under Ubuntu

I tried to install under Ubuntu but got this error:
install: missing destination file operand after `cartoonizer.c'
Perhaps a simple solution for this, but I don't know

Run gimptool in right directory

I ran into the exact same error, when I tried to run
$ gimptool-2.0 --install cartoonizer.c
in my home directory instead of the directory I extracted the archive to.

Here's step by step what I did to successfully install this plugin:

1. Download it, let's say to ~/Downloads for now

2. Extract it. It appears to be an uncompressed tar archive and not a gzipped one. My archiver complained about this and I fixed this on the shell:
$> tar -xf ~/Downloads/cartoonizer-0.1.tar_1.gz

3. Change to the right directory $> cd cartoonizer

4. Run gimptool-2.0 as described in the README

5. Ignore errors. I had some complaint about line 679

6. Restart gimp and enjoy


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