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Gimp 2.8 file types are gone

I understand the new save and export workflows on GIMP 2.8 and they make sense to me. What I can't figure out is where the file types under "Select File types (By Extension)" are? All I see is one called "By Extension" but I don't see any other like "png" or "jpg" etc. Did I do something wrong with my install?

I have windows XP with Gimp2.8
I installed 2 times as admin
I tried the installer for windows 32 bit

Please help! Thanks

just type the extension

if you want export "image" as png you type in the name field :

anyway in the save dialog there is a tiny arrow...looks as a very little triangle but is not a decoration, but to expand the dialog,
There you may found various alternatives (as example what you was expecting ,show a list of all supported formats ) and the other advanced options

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