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Alright, I have not found the solution that works for DDS plug-in

Alright, I have downloaded both versions of the DDS plug-in. I downloaded the 64bit one first, as my computer is 64. However after reading the DDS page, I deleted the 64 and downloaded the 32, which I placed in the correct folder. However, when I try to install the DDS plug-in, it claims it cannot because I am missing a file: libgimp-2.0-0.dll. I am not sure how to get my fingers on this file or how to install it. I really want to save some texture pictures into .dds format for making skins. Help would be loved and appreciated.

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both 32 and 64-bit versions of DDS plugin come without dll files, maybe he downloaded source code file instead of binaries and can't get it to work?

at 32 bit !

Wait !...
For use the 32bit version you should get also that dll compiled at 32bit and place it in 32/bin
(or in the same subfolder of the DDS plugin)

A 32bit plugin can't use dll compiled at 64bit

possible solution for dds plugin

I can't guarantee this is going to work but try this: find out how many libgimp-2.0-0.dll files you have in GIMP Program directory. In GIMP 2.8.x it should be two of them in bin and 32/bin folders. If there is more than two, delete extra one(s) and see if this helps. P.S. Admittedly, 64-bit precompiled C plugins work faster than 32 in 64-bit systems. So I would stick with 64 plugin version.

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