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I cannot update description of my scripts

I press Edit, and the description field is completely empty. It took me ages to typeset the current description just right. I thought maybe it's the amount of HTML throwing the editor for a loop, but my other script has no HTML in its description and I still can't edit it. Does anyone else have the same problem? This is unlikely to be fixed anytime soon, right?

Solved this by copying raw HTML from the page source

And now I can edit it. Seems like drupal update messed the pre-update entries up somewhat.

Short term solution

You could also, for a short term solution, copy and paste the existing description to a file and save it, then repaste it into the new description and make edits to that. Personally, I'd be a bit leery of doing this because you never know what will happen after clicking on the SAVE button.


Try to contact ingo for a quick fix
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but again contact Ingo to let him know that you can't update your plugin

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