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Does "save for web" save colors for the web ?

i mean what about the problem of difference between the color #a50b52 of an image and the color #a50b52 of a background for example ?
of course, i did test save for web, but if it solves this problem, i didn't find the right way.

the problem is "i read too much" ...

yes, i read too much about probably old gimp versions which included informations in images (or something like that) and modified the color (don't ask me why !!!);
but i found the assertion that gimp 2.8 had eliminated this problem;
and i searched another origin;
in fact the problem was about drupal and rga in views/grid : a component was at 255 instead of 0 (fresh installation without modification) and it modified my color ...

excuse-me Mr Gimp ;-)

what the problem ?

you are right ...what the problem ?
you didn't posted valid examples , and i never notice problems

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