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Line Border 2 doesn't work

Windows 7 - GIMP 2.8.2
Installed Python 6, PYGTK + glade, pygobject.
Didn't know where to put pycairo so put it in Python directory.
Re-installed GIMP 2.8.2
Re-booted system.
Unpacked Line Border 2 and placed in plug-in directory.
Started GIMP.
Line Border is not found in ANY menu.
All other Python plug-ins function properly.


Thanks ProximaTom. Now it works, sort of. Can't get proper vertical text on sides. Rotate box only rotates line vertically but doesn't rotate letters horizontally to read from top to bottom and reads from bottom to top.

LineBorder2 installation

You didn't have to install Python package for GIMP 2.8, it's already included in standard installation.
Just unpack LineBorder2 in your Profile plugin folder, download glade from this node (the last entry in Attachments) and copy files to corresponding folders in your GIMP Program directory. Last thing to do - go Edit/Preferences/Folders/plugins and add path to LineBorder2 subfolder(s). Restart GIMP.

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