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Bringing Python-Fu under Windows into an usable state

Sorry, i couldn't find any links anywhere so i am asking now here.
Since over two years now i am trying to achieve a state of the Python-Fu in which i can actually work with it.
Because it is nearly impossible for a normal human being to work with it with only a notebook and a monitor i have bought a usb 3.0 display adapter.
But i can't get it running under Linux so i have 2 Monitors and a Notebook now :) but i am stuck with windows :(.

How can i enable an IDE to run the plugins, print out the error messages, have full code completion of everything( including Gimp Build-In Functions and Stuff)?

What is with debugging of the plugin?
Is this possible and how can i archieve this?

I think(thought) that the plugin support is a great thing but it is so hard to get it to work and i am very greatful for help.

Ok, with "gimp.exe --verbose" you get it into the verbose mode.

The verbose mode in windows is INSUFICIENT. I tried to use the "print i" command in a for loop but NOTHING happened in the console. At the moment this is absolutely 100% unusable if you don't know dirty little tricks.

Another poor guy like me had the same problems 2007. Why isn't this already fixed and documented. You/they have time to build a single window mode but no time to make python fu usable for everyone, which is 1000times more important than a single window mode?
He did not even get ONE answer!
Here is another useless answer from another forum

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