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GIMP Gap Error Help?

I have GIMP GAP, and whenever I go to Video < Split Video into frames < Extract Video range, and no matter what file I try to use, I've tried every file, avi, wmv, mp3, etc, it always comes up with this message:

Execution error for procedure 'gimp-file-load':
Unknown file type

What is wrong? Is there another file that I'm not using? And what online website can I use to convert it to it? Thanks...

Just more bithching about Gap with Windows7 64bit and Gimp 2.8.2

I have the same problem. Really hope someone will update Gap. It's concept is beautiful and for very simple animations the results are great. Try to do anything complicated and the error messages start popping up like corn in a corn popper.

Also 2.8

It run fine with Gimp-2.8, as i wrote i even preinstalled in my highly customized version of gimp 2.8-32bit for windows (see ).

But i can NOT swear for extract videorange, i didn't used that function yet, and there may be other issues with that function:

GAP uses a open source library for the conversion, but OS libraries may not support proprietary formats,
actually i am not sure what formats are supported by GAP (natively, without hacking ) except uncompressed avi

"avi" is a name that indicate a vague container more then a specific format , and you will hardly found on the net "uncompressed avi" because are gigantic files

I always save Gap video as a series of png and then i use a free program to convert in video
I would do the same also to import video, but may be a simpler way

A reply to Photocomix

Thanks for that info photocomix. That helped alot.
But will the GAP 2.7 you're speaking about work with Gimp 2.6.12? Or the newly released 2.8.2? Or do I have to download 2.7?


GAP is not obsolete

Some of the binary hosted on the Gimp for Windows site are really outdated and from years not from now, and that is a bit a problem because many consider that the place for the "official Installers" (that do not exist , ) and so , tend of believe that there are hosted the last stable version and not file so obsolete to be unusable and often get deluded

this is the case with t GAP and even with the Help (that will install but no will be of no much help because was written years ago for a previous and quite different version)

Anyway even if is not ready yet a GAP_2.8 the 2.6 works still fine with gimp, and there is even available a 2.7 version
(windows binary here )

Hmmmmm. Which version are you using 2.6 or 2.8?

Hi there. First off, which Gimp are you using? 2.6 or 2.8?

From what I know, some kind fellow Gimp users here, told me GAP is outdated. Some people have got it to work in 2.6, and others got a headache, not getting it to work for them. Especially with the exporting to different formats department.
You know Wav. etc. And the same "frame problem" you are experiencing.

I saw somewhere on this forum, a couple of months ago, that a new GAP may be in the works in the not to distant future. I hope it's true. It would really help out alot of Gimp users. Such as myself.
I hope someone else here can confirm, if a new GAP is in the works. And help you, with a better solution to your problem.
Just note, that alot of other Gimp users have gone through this same or similar problem.

Hope that helps. Bye.

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