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Is there a text warping plug-in?

I am completely new with GIMP 2.8 - in fact, I am completely new to GIMP.

I formerly used Photoshop 7.0 - it has been a couple of years since I had a copy.

I would like to know if there is a plug-in or a file that can be used to warp text to a preset warp, such as in Photoshop, or if it must be done through paths, which I've not used that much.

All feedback is most welcome.

Blessings - Bill

Thank you.

Thank you all for your answers.

It looks like it will come down to my spending enough time to learn the application, and to learn paths better than I formerly did. I never did really like vector graphics, but if that is what it takes, I suppose that once I have the time to spend on it, that will be that. The learning curve is a bit more steep than I thought it would be.

It seems text can be warped with the Cage Transform, but I need to learn how to keep the shape - how to complete the rendering. There seem a couple of other possibilities as well.

Thanks again, and God bless. - Bill


There is no text-warping plugin using presets in GIMP that I know of.
IWarp is a good tool to warp text but no loading or saving presets feature. Filters/Distorts/iWarp
see some examples here

warp-text plugin

Just seen the post where someone has a problem with the sg-warp-text script & Gimp 2.8
No such problem here, A screenshot
It does take a long time to render so be patient.
Also shows the *right-click* context menu for the paths dialog.

warp-text plugin

Depends what you mean by warping.
You are probably correct thinking along the paths route.
You can create & save a path as an svg file & import back into another image.

So you could apply some text to that path using this
Good instructions on that page or a little video here

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