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How do I DESELECT ALL in GIMP 2.8?

I cannot deselect all in Gimp 2.8 - I tried all the approaches given in another post, and none worked.

This is a very simple thing, usually - all the other functions in Gimp seem to follow normal rules, more or less (used to use Photoshop, just downloaded and playing with GIMP). I hope there is a simple answer to this one.

Thank you. - Bill

P.S. If it is relevant, yes, I do want to get rid of the "marching ants."


However if you have VERY small areas selected sometimes you will need to Select>All then Select>None

Hope that helps.


Never heard of a problem with Select None if small areas are selected. Is this reproducable?

It's happened to me several times. I don't know why, but sometimes when I've had very small areas selected I didn't have the option of Select>None until I did a Select>All first. Now I usually just use Ctrl+Shift+A to deselect all.

You can toggle the ants using View/Show selection (Ctrl-T). No need to get rid of the selection for this.

And before you ask, View/Show layer boundary may also clear up some other dotted lines.

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