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Warp Text Error

Hi there,

I have used this plugin successfully many times, and it's a great tool to have, but recently I have recieved this error message part way through the process:

Plug-In 'Warp text' left image undo in inconsistent state, closing open undo groups.

Can you help please?

I use the filter in Gimp-2.8.1

And i have had no issues at all.
You need to be sure you create a text layer (do not rasterize this layer., it must stay a text layer), and then a separate path or paths layers.(your shape)
Be sure to start the shape of any of your custom paths at the TOP-LEFT corner and use ONLY 4 points.
back to Top-Left and use ctrl + left mouse click to connect the path shape.
Select the text layer and run the script.
It takes a good while to run even with 4 letters. A simple GIMP text on my 1gig ram machine took 10 minutes.
You will see each shape or text letter become a bunch of nodes as the letters are created.

It is an excellent script but can be quite slow with many letters or a big envelope.


More info needed.

Can you provide more detail about what is occurring? Perhaps share or describe the original setup and describe at what point in the execution the error appears. Also, background information such as operating system and GIMP version.

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