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Image Subtraction Plugin

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The Image Subtraction plugin compares each pixel of two given images and, if they are equal, put a transparent pixel on the new image. Otherwise, put on the new image the pixel from the primary image. It is useful if you want to isolate objects from two seemed images. The plugin has also a threshold slide bar.


Alexandre Heitor Schmidt
alexsmith at solis dot coop dot br

Daniel Afonso Heisler

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Thanks for the really good plug-in. I want to use this in a Script-Fu to batch process many images.
I can see that it expects 5 arguments...
> ( image-subtraction )
Error: Invalid number of arguments for image-subtraction (expected 5 but received 0)

Would you be able to give us the details on what these are ? i.e The order of arguments/ data types / what value the plug in returns etc ??

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