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GIMP Beautify Plug-ins

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GIMP Beautify plug-ins is a set of GIMP plug-ins for quickly and easily beautify photos.

This is one if its screen-shot:
GIMP Beautify screenshot

You can download the plug-in at GIMP Beautify Home Site.

Please read the GIMP Beautify README before install and using it.

And there has a lot of tutorials can be found at GIMP Beautify Wiki

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I re-compiled the plugins for Windows 32 so the PDB parameters are available for script making.
I have made the beautify.exe available at the same thread as the others for this purpose.All the new plug-ins are available just contact me.

I also have added Sams Linux binaries compiled for 64 bit at the same location.Just read the entire thread throughout and you will find them.They will be uploaded to the link.



Thanks for that Rod and taking the time to helping others users :)

And also how to compile on GNU/Linux :)
Thanks for this plugin!

Hello, If the versions evolve, the link will remain unchanged.

Looks a nice plugun to me.

When I try to install (Ubuntu 10.04 Gimp 2.6) I get the following error:
beautify.o: In function `cancel_effect':
beautify.c:(.text+0x279a): undefined reference to `gimp_item_delete'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [beautify] Error 1

Please help me out. Thnx.

The gimp-2.6 compile issue has been solved, please pull the new code to compile.

It seems this plugin on gimp 2.6 will have some issue. It can works well on gimp 2.8.
And I will have a look on gimp 2.6 today.

I'd like to add my own borders at the customs inside the folder "Simple Border". If I put them there, they are not showed. At the "Texture border" they are show, but not with my colors. Can you modify the plugin? It's a wonderful plug-in.


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