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can't view gimp photos

I am trying to view a photo on but it says missing GIMP photo viewer and I installed the program it told me to (GNU Image Manipulation Program) but I still can't view the photo. What do I do?

Is this site legit? It says .GMP files are Gimp photos but the extension of Gimp files is .XCF not .GMP. Then it links you to some site which isn't the real site for Gimp downloads.

That site tricks you into installing a modified GIMP installer, which in turn tricks you to install additional software. The creator even claim that they have all right to the content (by the "Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved." on their page).

By using any content from these two sites, it is very likely that you are going to install a virus or trojan on your system. Stay clear of it.

Ah, a banking trojan. Or, if the description of InstallIQ is correct, actually any kind of malicious payload someone decided to deploy via this installer.

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