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GimpPreview api in Python

Hi everyone

Is there a way to utilize GimpPreview (or live preview window) api in a Python plugin? I can't find any tutorials or plugins using it and most resources are several years old.

Thank you


has a preview directly in the image window.Not in the dialog itself.


I am aware of the Preview button, I am interested in the widget preview (in the dialog) like the one in Wavelet Denoise ( but for python.

Even though it appears to be in the python framework when 2.6 came out, it doesn't seem to work, and I've never found a working example anywhere on the internet.

A references:

-Rob A>

On another forum:
Also, without a successful information.

Publishr plugin gets the open image filepath from GIMP and then loads the image on its own in a gtk pixbuf without using GIMP preview of any kind.

Bytes and Pixel's vector path tool which uses python also has an alternative preview launcher widget which might be able to be used for such an action; just not sure. :)

Not really a GIMP preview, just function preview in a Tkinter window.

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