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Create 3 color rasta gradient???

i've done this before but i couldn't do it correctly
i just dragged the color that i wanted to the far left edge and unfortunately it wasn't far enough and i also did the same for the middle and well somethin like that anyway
i saw a vid on youtube where you mirror the gradient and all that but i'm having trouble
i just want a 3 color gradient 2.yellow
is there a plugin that i can select what color i want for each section cuz photoshop makes this REALLY easy BUT the reason i don't use photo shop is becuase it doesn't have this one gradient style that i want hold on i'll give you the name "Conical" and photoshop doesn't have that yes i ran it in wine version 7.0 and i could EASILY make the 3 color gradient but it wasn't gonna look like what i wanted it to... so i wanna use gimp instead of stealing photoshop even thogh im sure they have a good bit of money haha


You can design a gradient with any number of colors, just use the gradient editor... (the icon with a pencil in the gradients list)

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