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node based path animation for easier tweening

Just curious if it's posible to create a plugin or script that auto strokes paths between differeint layers , ( animator creates a path with a set amount of nodes on a keyframe then duplicates the path on another layer keyframe then animator adjusts nodes to match needed keyframe stroke . simular to vector animation.
the shortest distance path for each node is calcalated between keyframes and auto strokes them to create tweening .. Before process the animator would manually create layers between keyframes to control speed (framerate) where tweening layers strokes go. ) .

basically this would auto draw lines between keyframes for more fluid animations.

Like having the best of both worlds vector like smooth animation with more traditional looking raster based graphics that would be a beutiful thing indeed.
would be one of the greatest tools an animator could ask for.

Yes that would be possible, it is even quite easy.... There are however two questions to ponder (the answer could be yes, but who knows)

1) Geometry: can the tangent handles can be handled the same way.... In other words, assume you have a 200px circle with control points at NESW, and corresponding handles. If you blow it up 2x, the control points of the middle image will be on a 300px radius, but will the matching tangent handles be exactly halfway between those for the 200px circle and those for the 400px one? The answer for a proportional transformation on a circle is yes, but for an arbitrary figure with an arbitrary deformation?

2) Practical: to match strokes and points between start and end paths, one can only assume that they happen in the same order in the two paths. Will this always be true? Is Gimp's editor nice enough?

I'm quite confident for 1) but much less for 2).

Have a look at path-inbetweener here:

Will soon add a script to create one layer per visible path.

Sorry for the really late reponse to your post you are brillant :) , tried the script its really remarkable, thank you for creating and sharing it. I hope those interested in 2d animation will realize how much this kinda script could be usefull, thanks again. I like the way the paths allow you to also tweak the nodes of each path individually allows you to smooth out edges if wanted to create smoother looking lines during transition, if you decide to still write a script to transfer path to layers it would be awesome, if you do not I understand not alot of people do 2d animation so it might not be in high demand.

Right next to path-inbetweener, it has been there since June. Scant doc so far: menu entry is at the bottom of the "Image" menu. Takes most of its settings from current context: brush, color... If you need more contact le on GimpForums/GimpChat/GimpTalk. I might convince myself to ad a "fill" capability to the "stroke" one.

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