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3D style effect question.

I'm looking to recreate the attached effect. From the first image to the second.
I'm not sure if it was in GIMP but I'm guessing/hoping it can be done in GIMP.
This was done with a single effect and with the default settings.

I want to say the effect was called 3D heightmap, but I'm unsure.
Does anyone know how I can recreate it?

loop.png2.68 KB
3dloop.png11.22 KB

map to a box with transparency.
Now select all the color black and select> to path
go to your paths dialog and do a selection from path.
select the paint brush tool and paint in black on the selection.


Or under the "Light" tab of the map object, check "no light" and map to a box without transparency. No additional steps are required.

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