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Split and join images

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slice-and-join.scm11.08 KB

This an improve version of "To slice and merge images" you can split your images in any number of rows and columns and join them again later.


  1. The splitted images have an Alpha Channel (transparency)
  2. The images names have sequential numbers (image1, image2...)

Bugs Fixed:

  1. The resultant images don't have the previus extension in their names
  2. The files aren't overwrited anymore

Thanks to "Anonymous" for the Alpha Channel and Giuseppe Conte

The aplication is installed in Filters->ATG

GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


is it possible to have this script in a C plug-in ?
Thank you for this script


The SCM script runs everythere, a C plugin would have to be maintained for each platform (and wouldn't be faster).

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