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Allow setting up default saving format and location !

Hi i am grateful for Your hard work over GIMP, but recent change is more than inconvenient !

Restricting saving as JPG or other formats to export option only isn't good...

You could have prep long ago option for setting up a default save format instead of forcing on everyone solution for rookies.
Instead of simplifying work You made it more frustrating.

For example:
I make pictures in JPG for website and i have to write every time ".jpg" at the end to save file as JPG.
If i work with JPG file it is really irritating that i can't simply "save" it.
Guess how much more annoying it gets when i have 50-100 of them to "save" in JPG ?!
Another thing allow to set default save location. In windows i could have at least set it up in shortcut but in Linux no option !

Some good word for last i am really happy about merging main window and tool panels plus ability to hide them.

Please FIX "saving" options, it is really sad to see GIMP doing huge step backward.


In Linux, Gimp also loads/saves by default from/to its "working directory" which is the current shell working directory if you start it from a shell prompt, or the work directory as set in your start menu entry for Gimp. The KDE desktop has an option for this in its startup entries, but Gnome or Unity could also have one, since they all create a standard " .desktop" file and this allows a PATH= entry (see h**p:// In the worst case you can edit the file and add this yourself.

(replace "h**p" above by proper protocol (spam filter doesn't like it))

If you find your usage entails repeating multiple steps over and over, especially to the point of annoyance, then those steps are a prime candidate for scripting. If you don't wish to learn scripting yourself then post a request on one of the many support boards (such as this one, GIMP Users Group, GIMPchat, GIMPtalk, etc).

(define (script-fu-quick-jpeg-save image) 
  (let* ((nameparts (strbreakup (car (gimp-image-get-filename image)) "."))
         (filename "") )
    (unless (and (> (length nameparts) 1)
                 (member (car (last nameparts)) '("jpg" "jpeg" "JPG" "JPEG")) )
      (set! nameparts (append (butlast nameparts) '("jpg"))) )
    (set! filename (unbreakupstr nameparts "."))
    (let* ((buffer (car (gimp-edit-named-copy-visible image "jpg buffer")))
           (new-image (car (gimp-edit-named-paste-as-new buffer)))
           (layer (car (gimp-image-flatten new-image))) )
      (unless (zero? (car (gimp-image-base-type new-image)))
        (gimp-image-convert-rgb new-image) )
      (file-jpeg-save RUN-NONINTERACTIVE 
                      0.93 ; JPEG compression level
                      0 ; smoothing 
                      1 ; optimize 
                      1 ; progressive 
                      "" ; comment 
                      0 ; subsmp (0-4)
                      1 ; baseline 
                      0 ; restart 
                      0 ;dct 
      (gimp-image-delete new-image) )))

(script-fu-register "script-fu-quick-jpeg-save"
  "Quick Save (JPEG)"
  "Save a copy of the image as a JPEG"
  "Saul Goode"
  "May 2012"
  SF-IMAGE    "Image"    0
(script-fu-menu-register "script-fu-quick-jpeg-save"

My wife absolutely despises the new save behavior. This script looks like it might save the day for her. Thank you!

Hi Saul,
First of all, thanks for the script, I used it as a starting point for a script I wrote for exporting my images to jpeg. But I just recently realized that my script was not saving exif information. I came back to your script, and I don't think "quick save" saves the exif info either. I know you only meant it as a quick script, but do you know what you'd need to do in order to have the exif info saved?

Does the same work if I replace all the JPG's with PNG's? I have been looking for aa solution to do that for ages, as i dont use any other formats

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