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Totally Braindead Newbie needs help with Batch saving/exporting

If I've posted this in the wrong place (or site for that matter), I'd be very grateful to anyone who can act as an internet satnav and show me the right place to be :)

I'm really not sure if this is the right place to post this question but here goes nothing...

I've recently updated to 2.8 (for Windows) and what I do a lot of is:

File - Open
File - Export
Export - Replace
Quality = 30 (or another value depending on my needs) - Export

(Does that make sense?)

I do this with photos (that various peoples' cameras have decided need to be anywhere between 3 and 7 megabytes big each) I want to use for online auction sites (I've got thousands of photos of comics, PC games, and other random stuff) and family photos and it takes so long to open each file up individually (or in sets of 5 or whatever) and carry out the above commands for each one that it's got to the point where I could really do with a plug-in or some basic instruction (if I've missed something really obvious!) that will allow me to do these same commands for every file in a folder.

So to summarize: I need a batch command plug-in (or instructions suitable for a 5 year old) that will allow me to do the commands listed above.

If anyone can offer any advice (or a link to the relevant plug-in, again, if I'm so stupid as to have missed it), I would be extremely grateful.

Many thanks, in advance.


I'd suggest not using gimp. There are many windows tools to do such batch image processing. A good free one is

-Rob A>


WARNING! Script replaces the original files (back them up if you need the originals).

Use a .BAT based on ImageMagick: (they have a nice help forum there, too).

You can completely automate your process: resize/watermark/thumbnail

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