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BIMP. Batch Image Manipulation Plugin.

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BIMP is a graphical batch plugin to apply a set of GIMP manipulations on groups of images.
You can use predefined manipulations like resize, crop, flip, rotate, color correction, sharpen, watermark, format conversion, rename, but you can also select other installed plugins or script-fu and apply them to each image.

Windows version and source code for Linux/Mac systems:

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GIMP Version: 
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did download fresh gimp-2.8.2 for osx.
BIMP is exists in the menu. screen of bimp opens. but seems not to work properly, for it will not add files with the menu in bimp.
Do I have to download the plugin? Is something wrong with bimp in 2.8.2 for OSX?
thanks Jaap

Hello, actually I've never had the possibility to test BIMP on OSX, because I don't own a Mac.
By the way, I feel strange the fact that you found BIMP already installed in a fresh version of GIMP 2.8.2.... where did you download it? What's the version of the installed BIMP plugin?
Make sure you always download BIMP from the official website (in case of OSX user, you have to compile it by yourself, more info in the README)

Complimenti, veramente un gran lavoro, il massimo dell'usabilità

Ti ringrazio

- Portuguese and German translations (thanks to Pedro Cunha and Vito Zaccaria)
- Updated French translation (thanks to Robert Brizard)
- Fixed regression that caused BIMP to fail start on GIMP 2.6

This plug-in seems like exactly what I've been looking for, but I'm having a problem installing it. When I launched Gimp after copying the bimp-locale folder, pcre3.dll and bimp files to my C:\Users\******\.gimp-2.6\plug-ins folder I got the following message
"The procedure entry point gimp_get_interpolation could not be located in the dynamic library libgimp-2.0-0.dll."
Does anyone one know what I did wrong? I'm running GIMP 2.6.12 on Windows 7 Home Premium.

The instructions clearly say you should copy bimp.exe and pcre3.dll in C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins.
Just these two files. No need to copy src folder. Locale folder (if you want plugin interface in Italian or French) to C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\share\locale

That's a known bug! ToolMan78 did the installation in the right way, but in the latest release there's an incompatibility with 2.6 versions of GIMP. There are two solutions:
1) Install the latest version of GIMP (2.8.x), I suggest this first option
2) Download the very latest, fixed, version of BIMP through GitHub, here

The official fix will be available in BIMP 0.10 [EDIT: 0.9!] in few days

I think I'll just wait for version 0.10 in that case. I can wait a few days. Been putting off installing GIMP 2.8, 2.6 is working just fine and I'm figuring some of my plugins/scripts will stop working.

Thank you so much to everyone that helped finding bugs and proposing enhancements! Now 0.8 version is out with these features:

- Multilanguage support (available languages: English, Italian, French)
- Added Manipulation Preview window
- Limits for GTK Spin Buttons in "Other GIMP procedure..." are now well interpreted
- Workaround for a bug that affects MacOS X users when selecting images
- Support XCF as input format
- Few graphical fixes around


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