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fix a position

Hi. Very new to gimp but ploughing on.

I have a set of images that I wish to create into a .gif animation.
I wish to add some different text and a different logo to each image. then run them all as a animatied .gif.
I would like these items to appear in the same location on each image so need some sort of grid, guideline, place holder to mark the position for input of text and logo on each image. I know there is a grid thing but it is too small. Any help would be very much appreciated. Be gentle please. I am a newbie.


Several ways:

1) use "Guides" (View/guides and Image/Guides/{...various...}
2) use a grid, but configure it to be bigger (Image/Configure grid)
3) make the layers containing the text/logo as big as the other layers of the image

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