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Layers box? PLEASE HELP

I've downloaded gimp 2.6 recently and everything about it is great besides the fact that I dont have a layer box. I've tried all the tricks that people say, press ctrl + L or go to windows>recently closed docs.... When I tried recently closed docs it says empty.
Heres what it looks like -->

I downloaded it from --->

When i open gimp up at the top of the window it says GNU image manipulation program

Someone please help me :/


When this happens, it's usually because the saved position of the window is outside of your visible desktop (or that dialog is "docked" in a window that is outside of your desktop).

You can edit the "sessionrc" file in the Gimp profile (c:\users\{your id}\.gimp-2.6\sessionrc) and check/edit the position of the window. You can also erase that file, Gimp will recreate a new one with hopefully correct default values.

where do I find the "sessionrc" or gimp profile? Im sorry im new to all of this

Indicated in my post above...

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