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Path Blend

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RMA_path_blend.scm10.02 KB

A script that will blend a gradient between two paths, so long as each path has the same number of segments.

It registers under Filters->Render->Path Blend.

You have to select two paths (they must be different and have the same number of segments) and one gradient. The order of the paths corresponds to the direction of the gradient (From the first path To the second path.

The script finds the shorter of each pair of path segments, and walks it 1px at a time, creating a selection between that and the corresponding section of the longer path. then fills that little selection with the gradient blend.

The script does all the work on a non-displayed copy of the image to speed things up, so just be patient, as the longer the paths, the longer it will take.

The last parameter is use to adjust the overlap between each adjacent segment. If you get moire effects then slide it higher, and if there obvious overlaps (normally when using gradients with transparency) slide it lower.

Some basic examples of what it lets you do:

With a drop shadow added:

With a blur applied then text added and filled with a shapeburst gradient in the middle:

Using a transparent gradient between a scaled copy of the text path. The text was stroked and filled after the path blend was run.

-Rob A>

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Very nice filter, well explained and properly working.
I just did some quick tests with two concentric elliptical paths and the results obtained are quite beautiful.
In my opinion, the most interesting feature is represented by the possibility of giving a three-dimensional appearance to the region included between two paths through the interplay of colors, lights and shadows created by the gradient.
Thanks for sharing this script.

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