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Text along path

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This tool attempts to improve on the "Text along path" button in Gimp's Text tool. The improvements are:

  • Character shapes are not distorted: while Gimp's tool works by remapping the text path control points using the guide path, this script rotates and moves each character path without distortion.
  • Text can left-justified, right-justified, centered, or filled on the path.
  • The vertical position with respect to the guide path can be specified
  • The path of individual characters can be obtained
  • Some more frivolous options may appeal to the artist or the ransom note writer.

Download is here:

User's guide is here:

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Upgraded to v0.2. It can now work from a Text layer, from which it takes text, font, font size, kerning, spacing, and layout.

After reading your comment I downloaded the v0.2 upgrade aswell, as I was having problems to make it work with a text layer before that. Now it works like a charm.

Just tested it in GIMP 2.8 rc1 64-bit ofnuts and it works great. Had to find out how to do this with text block (already knew how for path). All of your efforts are more then appreciated by me too by the way. :)

Still have your Golden Wilber on my virtual mantelpiece :)

I've been using your path tools for awhile. They're great! I just downloaded this one.

Thanks for the support...

It's been awhile since I rendered a golden wilber ofnuts; never keep things that I share online (or rarely do) on my own, so maybe it's still located somewhere in cyberspace. lol


Fixes problems that may prevent it to run on Windows or Gimp 2.8.

Also has more meaningful messages when no text/font is entered.

Works excellent for me in Gimp-2.6.12


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