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Repairing a PSD file

I have a problem with openeing a PSD file created in photoshop cs3 and then edited in GIMP. When I open the file in GiMp i get an error. After reading through some post on this forum, it seems to be a common problem, which is kind of dissapointing for the creators of GIMP.
But, back to the problem. The file is simple, just four rater layers, no advanced things on them, just pixels. I tried the recovery software someone mentioned on this forum, and it gave nothing. I tried two more rdcovery program,s but they faile d miserably. What DOES work, is..... irfan view. Yes, a simple image viewer can open the file, and does not qualify it as damaged. The only problem is, it cannot save psds or xcfs. Any suggestions/solutions?

edit: tried the newest GIMP, didn;t work either.

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