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Help with using paths with texts

So I recently just got gimp and I'm having trouble converting texts into paths. In the past I have used photoshop and I vaguely remember just converting the text to paths and each letter was then editable. There were like editable point on each letter that I could then drag. I'm pretty sure that this was called converting to paths. I see the button that says text to path, but when I click this, nothing noticeable happens. If anyone could give me step by step instructions on how to do this that would be great. Also, is there a chance that for some reason my copy of gimp is faulty and will note create paths out of texts?



You won't see the paths until you switch to the Paths dialog in your sidebar of dockable dialogs (layers, paths, channels, etc.)

is to right click the text layer and select "Alpha to Selection"
Now go to Select>To Path.
Make your original text layer invisible.- ( click the eye icon next to the layer)
Now you need to open the paths dialog to see your path you created.
Select the path you created and make it visible. - ( click the eye icon next to the layer)
To edit the path you need to select the "PATHS" tool in the tool box and click anywhere on the image.
All the PATH nodes will appear for you to arrange them.

You will also have some options in the "PATHS dialog"
Design,Edit, Move, and Polygonal.
Here is a brief explanation with an image example.

In Edit mode you can also manipulate the anchor HANDLES


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